Long Hair Don’t Care, but MY Hair Does! Hair Cuttery Got it RIGHT

The Chatty Momma Hair Cuttery Experience

I’ve grown my hair out for many years now and I’m always skeptical about going to any salon and having somebody style it. Over the years, I’ve found that every stylist is not skilled in doing all types of hair. Since I have black, unrelaxed hair, a trip to the salon can often be upwards of $100 for a simple wash, blow dry, flat iron, and cut. Finding a stylist who is skilled in working with black unrelaxed hair who does not send you out of the salon with a “poofy” hairdo is not easy. So, often as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

That wasn’t the case with my visit to my local Hair Cuttery salon. Today, I made out like a bandit! I received a wash (with deep conditioning), blow dry, flat iron set, and a cut for just $53! Yes, you read it right I only paid $53, my friend!!! It was enough to pay so little for the wash, dry, and cut, but I was spoiled by the great service and attention to detail my stylist gave. Leaving the salon, I felt like I had known her for years. That’s the type of experience I’m willing to pay for ANYTIME!

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I can’t lie though. I started off the visit giving my stylist the side eye when she said she could style my hair like a photo I showed her. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but there was a time I showed a stylist a page that had Nicole Richie’s bangs swooped to the side, and I walked out looking like Pippi Longstocking. No lie!!! I was nervous. Before my visit I checked out the Hair Cuttery website and saw several customers who have posted their finished hair styles to the Get the Look page and was hoping I would be as pleased as they were.

The Chatty Momma Hair Cuttery Experience Product Display

In the end I am very satisfied. I learned about each product Ilda used and what makes them good for my hair. It’s always important to me to be able to maintain the style and condition of my hair until my next visit. Hair Cuttery has all of the products used displayed nicely for sale and I like not having to take a trip to a beauty supply store just to end up buying something similar to what was used.   To achieve today’s style, my stylist washed my hair with both Cibu and Redken products. Then applied the following:

The Chatty Momma Hair Cuttery Experience Products

Cibu Drynamic Blow Dry Accelerator

CATWALK by TIGI Fast Fixx Style Prep

Redken Smooth Lock Stay Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream

 The Chatty Momma Hair Cuttery Experience Ti Infrared 450

Ti Infrared 450 Flat Iron

 I couldn’t ask for a better experience and it felt great asking my stylist when I should return. I’ll be seeing her again in eight weeks! 

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  1. Ryan Sanders says

    great stuff — your hair looks great. they do great men’s trims too—but I always say no to the shampoo – maybe I should say “yes” one day!

    • Tonia Sanders says

      Thanks. I wish salons had a money back guarantee! Then you could try them without fear of wasting money.

    • Tonia Sanders says

      Thank you. I have had salons charge extra for black unrelaxed hair. I’m glad I was able to get nice results for cheap today!

    • Tonia Sanders says

      The worst experience is being left with a frizzy poofy afro. I’m so glad this stylist was good with her tools.

    • Tonia Sanders says

      I went to a Hair Cuttery in Northern Virginia, but there are Hair Cuttery Salons all over. You can find the one closest to you on their website.