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I love Mother’s Day. It’s the next best thing to my birthday or Christmas. It’s the only other day of the year when I get special gifts just for me, and I love that. Of course the typical Mother’s Day gift is a necklace of dandelion (weeds), innocently called flowers by the kids, or a photo frame. Sometimes I get treated to dinner and a well needed massage from my husband. I’ll be honest though and say it’s not often that moms get what we “need” on Mother’s Day, but more of the things we love. It’s nice to receive anything at all from my kids and it’s relaxing to get a massage from my husband on any day, but, I still have needs! So for Mother’s Day I’ve taken care of that. I like to treat myself to things I know I need often, so this year I decided to treat myself to the new Alcatel One Touch Evolve Mobile Phone with unlimited talk, text, and data/web service.

The Alcatel One Touch Evolve  is available at Walmart stores and online at

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As a mom it’s important to be able to be in touch with family and friends at all times, and having a mobile phone allows us to have access 24 hours a day to the things that we use most,  including our (busy) calendar, apps that we’ve downloaded that help us manage our chaotic lives, and especially emails and text messages. We get to stay in the loop at all times.

There is no need for anyone in the family to ask, “Where’s Mom?” Unless of course, you are hiding behind the shower curtain. I do that from time to time. Don’t judge me!

That’s what makes choosing the Evolve a good decision. It’s a Walmart Family Mobile  phone with no contract that has all the features of any other phone on the market. The benefit is I only have to  pay a flat rate monthly. The best part about the  Alcatel One Touch Evolve Mobile Phone is the price. For around $75 you can purchase the phone and set up your Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plan in the store (or from the privacy of your home online).

What I really liked about going into Walmart and purchasing the  Alcatel One Touch Evolve Mobile Phone and Starter Kit is that I was in and out of the store in less than 25 minutes, and I was able to use my phone that same day. I wasted no time downloading the apps I love most like Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix.

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Netflix is a lifesaver for me, when I take my kids places and they get antsy the first thing I do is I say, “Hey let’s put on your favorite movie.” No matter where we are they will stay occupied long enough to get through it and that really helps! 


The Chatty Momma Walmart Family Plan T-Mobile Pay as You Go

A mobile phone can be a mom’s best friend. Why not get a simple contract-free mobile phone and plan with all of the features that you’re used to?

Another benefits I love is that I don’t have to worry about ever going over my plan and running up our family budget. Every month I hear from my husband, “You talk so much and you text so much that you cost us extra money!” With this phone it is contract free with Unlimited Talk & Text so I don’t have to worry about that. Since Walmart has the cheapest wireless plans, I can choose to pay $29.88 for Unlimited Talk & Text, or $39.88  for Unlimited Talk, Text & Web.

This Mother’s Day will be extremely special as I put my dandelions in a vase and tell my daughters they are the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen (in between sneezes), I will also take pictures of those weeds with my Alcatel One Touch Evolve Mobile Phone all the while enjoying freedom on the Walmart Family Mobile Plan to text the photos to grandma and any family member as many times as I want.

Celebrate you this Mother’s Day and get what you need!

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  1. Dina says

    I’ve heard great things about TMobile. My plan keeps going up I need to check into it.

  2. says

    My mom is in the market to upgrade her dinosaur of an old flip phone and come to the smart phone side. I may have to think about getting her one of these to start out with for Mother’s Day this year! It really is a wonderful deal!
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