It’s “Martha Speaketh Weeketh”

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Beginning June 16, PBS KIDS and WGBH will be airing three all-new episodes of MARTHA SPEAKS during “Martha Speaketh Weeketh!”

During Martha Speaketh Weeketh, kids can watch their favorite canine linguist speaking in questions, in Polish, and even Elizabethan English. The fun continues online with the brand new game, Martha’s Steaks. Children learn vocabulary as they make Martha’s furry friends hurdle, dash, soar, and tumble to catch treats through Martha’s dream-landscape of steaks, bacon, and drumsticks!

My kids have had a blast getting ready for this exciting week of vocabulary lessons and they’ve been reading the Perfectly Martha book, MARTHA SPEAKS Canine Comics book, and flipping through the MARTHA SPEAKS flipbook. They enjoyed watching a few advanced episodes from Martha Speaketh Weeketh, and also had one of the most exciting play dates at Chuck E. Cheese’s, a sponsor of MARTHA SPEAKS, courtesy of PBS Kids.

Martha may be a dog, but she has a lot to say. So, grab your kids (and the neighbors too) and sit them down for a lesson.

New Episodes (showing this week):

Monday, June 16th
Thou Callest Me a Dog – Vocabulary Words: dialogue, director, monologue, producer, soliloquy
Martha’s Paper Chase – Vocabulary Words: confirm, feature, integrity, topic, verify

Tuesday, June 17th
Alice Tells a Story – Vocabulary Words: comprehend, digress, edit, order, tangent
Pirates and Princesses – Vocabulary Words: narrative, recap, scenario, theme

Wednesday, June 18th
Tomato You Say – Vocabulary Words: imagine, indicate, insignia, remind, symbol
Martha Questions – Vocabulary Words: coney, inquire, period, punctuation, question mark

Repeat Episodes (showing this week):

Thursday, June 19th
Oh, Noooo! – Vocabulary Words: deceive(ing), honest(ly), dishonest, meslead(ing), popular
Bye, Martha – Vocabulary Words: deny, admit, claim, false, translate

Friday, June 20th
Martha Sings – Vocabulary Words: instrument, musician, vocalist, recording, tempo, melody
TD Makes the Band – Vocabulary Words: lyrics, audience, rhythm, inspiration, encore


Watching MARTHA SPEAKS helps kids improve their vocabulary. My kids enjoy watching MARTHA SPEAKS and are always excited about the lessons they learn. I’m sure yours will love Martha too. Connect with MARTHA SPEAKS online at PBS Kids, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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Happy Martha Speaketh Weeketh!


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  1. says

    Im sorry I dont have kids…totally outta the loop but if its educational and fun for the kiddies…then Happy Martha Speaketh Weeketh!

  2. Elizabeth @ Food Ramblings says

    Sounds fun and educational– looks like it will be a good week for your family!

  3. teresa mccluskey says

    My daughters love Martha, that’s one smart dog! My oldest is always asking if we can get a dog that talks like Martha! LOL

  4. Angela S says

    I love all the quality, educational shows on PBS and this one is no exception! Thanks for sharing this info.

  5. Pam says

    What a cute show and a great way to help little ones pronounce their words correctly. I love this!

  6. says

    My daughter used to watch this one every morning before school. She’s a little too old for it now, but I do remember it was one that I really loved watching with her!
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