Mommy Makeover Monday – Hot Legs Hair Removal (#Manscaping Daddy)

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Ok, this is going to sound crazy at first, but awesome in the end. Trust me! I waxed my husband. Really, I waxed him good. I wasn’t trying to torture him, but he said I could do it so I jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve had some Hot Legs hair removal products sitting around in my collection of beauty products for some time now, and I was pretty sure that even though my first hair removal experience (with warm wax) totally sucked, I could probably do a better job on my husband. Or attempt to at least.

My advice is: don’t ever wax yourself alone. I was able to get the wax on, but couldn’t bring myself to pull it off. Once it hardened it was torture. Invite a friend over!

I gave my husband three hair removal product options:


The Chatty Momma Hot Legs Total Body Strips

Hot Legs Total Body Strips
Hot Legs Total Body Strips are spa-strength and pre-waxed making them perfect for men or women looking to ditch the razor. Forget shaving – from athletes to models, anyone can now enjoy smooth, sexy skin whenever and where ever! Simply cut the strips to the desired size to fit even those hard to reach areas, peel apart, apply and stay smooth for weeks!

The Chatty Momma Hot Legs Warm Wax

Hot Legs Peel Off Wax for Sensitive Skin
Hot Leg’s understand that not all skin types are the same, which is why they developed a formula for those who want to wax eyebrows and other body parts, but are afraid to because of their sensitive nature. The sensational grip on the waxing strips works great and produces excellent results, even on short hair.

The Chatty Momma Hot Legs Total Body Hair Remival Cream

Hot Legs Total Body Hair Removal Cream
HOT LEGS Total Body Hair Removal Cream is quick and easy to use leaving you with smooth, soft looking skin that is hair free for days. Simply apply with fingertips or cloth, wait 5 minutes then wipe off. No odor, luxurious formula for silky smooth results.

He chose the Total Body Strips and I went to work like a professional.

Here are the before and after photos:

The Chatty Momma Hot Legs Before and After

Nice results, right? I was impressed. The process took less than two minutes to do both shoulders and my husband said there was slight pain but not too much. I would definitely do it again. Would he? Yes, but only on the shoulders. Keeping the manscaping up is nice, but he’s not into looking like a prepubescent boy (and I’m no cougar myself).

Now off to try the strips on myself since Hot Legs Total Body Strips are now my favorite way to remove hair at home other than shaving. What’s your method of hair removal?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    That is good to know. My hubby doesn’t really need them, but I would love to use them on my underarms.

  2. says

    Nooo i hate wax lol i am a big baby,and my hubby does not need nor would he allow me to go near him with wax lol.I would like the cream though as thats what i normally use.
    Kay Adeola recently posted…Weekend ClayMy Profile

  3. says

    Ha! I love the “Never wax alone” part. I’ve had my husband wax my scalp for me. He had such a hard time pulling the strips off, because he didn’t want to hurt me. FInally I had to yell, e hem, encourage him loudly, that he was going to make it hurt worse if he didn’t hurry up and pull it off. That convinced him, but after that he said I either had to use the epilator or have someone else do it. LOL
    Virginia @thatbaldchick recently posted…French Toast Clothing Giveaway (6/30)My Profile

  4. says

    Haha! Yay for the husband for taking one for the team. I have such sensitive skin I feel like using these types of products wouldn’t work for me. I tried nair once and thought I was going to burn my skin off. I just stick to the shaving. lol

  5. says

    My method of hair removal is getting my eyebrows waxed. That’s it. My husband could use some waxing here and there. Maybe I will try this! He’s usually a pretty good sport about things.